What Is Done Before Psychiatric Work Can Commence


If you think you are losing your mind, you cannot simply dial the psychiatrist and make an appointment. Well, you could. Many people are seeking out psychiatric treatment atlanta consultations these days. You hear about it a lot. People are going in for ‘therapy’. Or they are visiting the ‘shrink’, that sort of thing. But you wonder. You wonder if this is even practical, or necessary even.

Those of you who are still wondering what this means, here is a brief explanation then. You do not have to take it all literally. It is not being written up by a qualified mind. But please do not take these next few words with a pinch of salt. It does not claim to have all the answers but the write-up here is based on what the experts have already said and done. So, here it is then. If you still feel as though you are losing mind, do not delay.

psychiatric treatment atlanta

Do not procrastinate. But do not be in haste either. Go with familiarity for the time being. Schedule an appointment with your regular general practitioner. This assumes that you are still seeing him every once in a while, and usually it has been nothing more than a bad bout of the influenza. Now, this doctor already has your case file, so, he should know your history well. But if this is not you, then you could seek out a short counseling session with a therapist or counselor in public or private practice.

You will be asked a number of questions, and it is here that you really need to be honest with yourself. After all is said and done, a recommendation can be made as to whether you need to go any further and see a psychiatrist.

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