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Understanding a Tooth Extraction

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A tooth extraction is a dental procedure that is performed when a tooth is damaged or poses threat to the other teeth and is removed from the socket.  There are many reasons why an extraction becomes necessary but it’s always used as a last resort option. An oral surgeon performs oral surgery lynnwood to extract a tooth from your mouth.

Before Extractions & Types of Dental Tooth Extractions

Before a tooth extraction, the dentist thoroughly examines the mouth, looking at the gums, the teeth, and the other areas of the mouth to make sure they’re healthy enough for this procedure to take place. When the dentist ensures the mouth is in the best possible health before an extraction, it ensures an easier, smoother tooth extraction.

Once an extraction is scheduled, the dentist will numb the area thoroughly before he extracts the teeth. Patient comfort is always a top concern when tooth extractions take place.  When all goes well, you won’t feel anything during an exaction, though some discomfort is noted after the procedure.

Problematic teeth may require a complex extraction but most people use a simple extraction to remove a tooth from the mouth.  A complex extraction is usually needed when a tooth breaks off underneath the gum line. When the dentist provides your consultation, he’ll help you learn more about the two types of extractions and which is best for your needs.

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Aftercare is Important after an Extraction

Make sure to follow the care instructions provided by the dentist after an extraction. This is for your protection and best health and to minimize side effects of the procedure. You’ll need to carefully watch the foods that you eat for a few days. Make sure to follow up with the dentist for extraction aftercare as well.